Motion is the Lotion: Exercise


I encourage people to find exercise activities that they enjoy and that nourish their soul and body. A good routine to establish would include:

  • Flexibility: Stretching, mobility and strengthening, including some core trunk stabilization, keeping in mind my Motion is the Lotion program – yoga, tai chi, etc. (daily 15-20 minutes)
  • Cardio-aerobic: power walking, cycling, elliptical trainer, cross country skiing, etc. (30-45 minutes); self-perceived moderate exertion progressing to high exertion (3-5 times a week, ideally daily)
  •  Strength training: weight lifting in a gym, on a Swiss ball or equipment, power yard work, etc. (3 times a week)

• Neurologic balance-proprioception – tai chi, ping-pong, dance, grapevine, stand on one leg (any time you can enjoy them)

Exercise routines should incorporate weight bearing exercise such as stairs, squats, side stepping, lunges, mini-trampoline or gentle jumps to support bone health and prevent osteoporosis.