Past Participant Reviews


Hi!! I’m filling out an application to a manual therapy fellowship and thought of you.
Over the years I have oft referenced you by name to therapists and students on how you changed my career dramatically. Back in the year-long course I asked a million questions about how (and I quote) “…a shoulder is really a neck….” and numerous other differential diagnostics approaches as well as interventions. So many questions and you had many of the answers, founded on sound pathoanatomic principles with treatments that work. Thank you so much!
I’m now working with the Division of PT at UNC Chapel Hill, teaching three classes, managing the faculty PT clinic in Hillsborough and seeing patients part-time. The next step is fellowship with AAOMPT; I know the manual therapy foundation from your year long course has given me a firm footing as I move toward achieving this goal.
Warm regards, Mike
Mike McMorris, PT, DPT, OCS
Assistant Professor
Assistant Director for Clinical Practice
UNC Department of Allied Health Sciences
Division of Physical Therapy

Just wanted to say thanks again for your time and willingness to teach a CEU course. I was able to implement the lower grade ankle mobilizations and various nerve glides into patient programs and have found them to be very helpful 🙂”    CM, PT  Salt Lake City

I am using the techniques more and more with each new class. It is really starting to gel. Thanks much for teaching the course.

I will be a much better therapist as a result.

J.F., PT, home health

“I did not think that I could gain this much new skill, at this point in my career, that I could apply to my patient care right away.”
–J. F-F., PT

“I attended your year-long course in 1999-2000, I’m now working with the Division of PT at UNC Chapel Hill teaching musculoskeletal 1, evidence based practice and applied man therapy courses. Please know that you have made a significantly positive impact on my career and I’m sure on scores of others. I am now applying to a fellowship program to become a fellow with the AAOMPT.”
–M. M., PT, DPT, OCS, Assistant Professor

“This is an excellent value [per CEU] for the small class size and individual attention you get.”
–D. A., DPT

Thank you for offering a long-term course option in UT. I am from the Bay Area and attended the Folsom Long Term course and am very familiar with the Kaiser residency. I always thought there should be something similar here in UT.  –KC, PT